Main Broadcast

Extended Reality Stage

A direct look at the XR stage and how it was utilised for our hybrid event.

Digital Tech

From augmented to extended reality this clip highlights some of the powerful technology that was utilised to create a compelling story.

Digital Design

A quick run through of the different levels and uses of design work utilised by our design team when creating the content.

Behind the Scenes

A more in depth look at the layout of the studio and supporting functions that bring a hybrid event together.


Ben McMahon

Collaborate Global

The Collaborate founder and all round great guy! Boasting almost two decades of front-line industry experience, Ben has seen his fair share of twists, turns, peaks and troughs.

Luke Daniels

Business Unit Director
Collaborate Global
Luke is an integral part of keeping the Collaborate business moving and grooving. We are proud to have him leading the charge as our Business Unit Director, and offering to front our Aston Martin segment. After working with them for the past two years, we couldn’t think of a better use of his talents.

Lucy Johnston

Technology Curator
Neon Birdcage

A long-standing partner of the Collaborate family, Lucy is a highly regarded Technology Curator for some of the largest conglomerates in the world. As part of the PRISM team, Lucy’s expertise and intel in the technology space will help our partners dive headfirst into the future.

Ollie Biddle

Marketing and Content Manager
Collaborate Global

Our very own marketing superstar-content-whizz-kid. Ollie ensures we are on top of the latest industry trends in Social Media and content generation.

Andrew Walker

Creative director

As an industry-leading creative, Andrew is responsible for turning some of our off-the-cuff thoughts into reality, this Hybrid Event being one. When it comes to discussing how design can be moulded and utilised during these tremulous times, there isn’t anyone we can depend on more than Andrew.

Steve Tomkins

Product Specialist
Aston Martin Lagonda
Product Specialist Steve is on hand to talk us through the DBX and all things Aston Martin. Having been on our Confidential event earlier this year, there isn’t much Steve doesn’t know about this fantastic marque and its cars.

Why Hybrid?

Welcome to our first Live hosted Hybrid Event, where we aim to introduce you to the vibrant and exciting world of Hybrid event formats and the technology and solutions we have built and are developing here at Collaborate.

The aim of this event is to build confidence and insight into creative platforms that allow Brands to build memorable experiences, measurable events and engaging activities to new and existing audiences globally – whilst living with restrictions imposed due to COVID.

The hosting of this Hybrid Event today is part of our PRISM program that set out some months ago to be a driving force of positive outcomes and solutions within our industry, adding value and building confidence, whilst living with unprecedented global restrictions.

Please remember throughout this event, our aim is to bring to life a Hybrid experience that will allow brands to tell their stories whilst the COVID restrictions impact large scale physical interactions.

Whilst our stories are based upon true events, for the purposes of true entertainment there has been some creative licence given to focus on the experience of presenting what your next Hybrid Event could look like.

Breakout - Join the Discussion

A new kind of Q&A Room, step into the forum to chat with the Collaborate and Anna Valley team. Ask questions, offer insights or simply praise Ben for his dapper looking suit! Hosted by Ollie Biddle as he takes a deeper dive into the world of Hybrid events. The panel will consist of Ben McMahon, Andrew Walker and joined by the Technical extraordinaire, Jamie Gaskins .

Behind the Scenes

Jump in and take a peek backstage at the studios. Find out more about how things work behind the scenes at the space, efficiently and of course, safely!

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